Sunday, 29 March 2015

...and then just maybe, Online Dating has found me my New Lover...?

So my day picked up a lot from yesterday's miserable beginning. It's time to give Bachelor #2 a name, because it seems like he will become someone special to me. I'm going to call him Charlie.

I think Charlie must have forgotten about our Saturday morning planning conversation. He checked in with me cheerfully later in the day and didn't seem self conscious or backing off me in any way at all. So I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt (do I do that too much for people?). And we set up drinks at his place instead. Well...not really his place....actually the clubhouse on the housing estate where he lives - one of the most exclusive in Johannesburg, and the furthest from my home as humanly possible in one city!

He's a single dad. His 13 year old son lives with him, and sees mom every alternate weekend. So this was dad's weekend, so he wasn't going to be able to be out and leave his son alone. But being nearby at the clubhouse with me would be ok - he left his boy playing Playstation games at home.  And I had planned to go out dancing with a mate of mine, but decided to pop by for that drink with Charlie first. More than anything I needed to check whether our spark from last week was really a thing, and still there a week later. Before I lost even more of my heart to a fantasy that didn't exist.

And it is. It really is. He greeted me with a gentle and deep kiss on the staircase to the entrance of the clubhouse. And then we went to a table on the balcony and ordered wine. And talked and talked. And kissed and kissed. And touched each other tentatively on the arm. Leg. Face. A cautious and gentle seduction that was delicious in it's slowness. And the knowing that we were not going home to bed was making it all the more tantalizing. It was going to be just this. In this public place in his village. The beginning of a beautiful connection?

It's his birthday today. I know it was too early to buy him a gift that would be 'significant' - 1 week in from our first date. But I did want to find a light way to acknowledge this new special thing. And shopping for him is quite an intimidating thing actually - he's so wealthy - he could buy himself the very best of anything he wanted. So it had to be clever. and not expensive. And yet somehow meaningful in a light, not needy way. Scarf? No. Book? No idea what he's read, and he reads a lot. Bookmark? Hmmmmm..... No. Romantic or sexy birthday card? Yes? No. Gosh...I amused myself for a few hours trying to decide.

And then I headed into a gadget shop and found this Magnet Girl fridge keyholder thing (in the pic above). Perfect! Not expensive, and lends itself to all sorts of playful metaphors. And stays on the fridge as an ongoing reminder of those metaphors. So I wrapped it up nicely and wrote a little note - something like this:

"Dear Charlie. 
No idea what the future brings. 
But here's to delicious magnetic beginnings. 
Happy Birthday. 

I hope he gets it properly. And puts it on his fridge.

And at the end of the evening, far too late for me to go dancing, and once I had recovered enough from the wine I drank, he walked me slowly to my car. And we kissed. And kissed. And kissed. Oh my goodness. I had forgotten how magnificent that can feel. Just kissing in a carpark in the dark. Like it would never end.

Wow. Electric and delicious.

I finally forced myself into my car and headed off home.

I want more of that.


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