Saturday, 25 October 2014

Narc Attack

So the next part of John-the-Narc's strategy is landing.  No wonder he needed to 'break up' with me last week. He couldn't really profess his undying love to me AND try to swindle me out of millions now, could he?  Even the best sweet talker in the world would have trouble putting all of that into the same sentence.

It's almost month end. He's obviously not managed to create a new source of income yet, and must have spent all the money he took from me. So he's back to take more.  He has sent me an email maintaining that I owe him over half a million.  And that our contract proves it.  Really?  Would that be the signed contract that has been 'missing' for 5 months? No copy in our HR file? No copy in my email? Just miraculously 'missing'? Turns out it's found again. And that he has his own copy and my company's copy. So could he have his money please?

I have no idea what it is that's in that final contract.  We spent over two years arguing about it.  I experienced some of the most abusive moments in my life working on that blasted contract. I can just remember him standing over me at my desk, finger in my face, shouting at the top of his voice into my face "GIVE. ME. MY. CONTRACT."  And each of those bullying nights would have me scuttling to my desk in the morning and working on yet another iteration of the contract, every time with my heart breaking and my hands shaking. And then he would respond with more changes he wanted and so it would go on.

By the time we had it the way we wanted it, it was two years later. He had bullied his way through almost every sentence. I was a wreck. He gave me salary numbers to put in. I worked with those numbers, not for a moment suspecting that he would have given me fraudulent ones.  Even though he was bullying me and behaving like a complete bastard, I would never have believed you if you said he would have cheated the numbers.

But he did.  He had already included the escalations into the formula that were much more than we had agreed. He consolidated his plan into the contract whilst distracting me with his abusive bullying.

I feel sick in my stomach today as I'm thinking all of this through. I haven't seen the final contract from him yet. When I do, I think I will have no choice but too go and lay a charge of fraud against him.  I really don't want to do that.  But I just cannot let him try and take one more thing from me. I so wish I had had my lawyer in on that first contract negotiation.

No. Actually I feel like I wish I had never met this man in my life. He is intent of robbing me of my energy, my love, my money and my health.  And he doesn't know when to stop.

But I do. As from Monday I'm just handing him over to my lawyers. I'm done with him. He is dishonourable and immoral. And I am a good and generous person. He took complete advantage of my generosity and does not deserve another moment of my headspace.

I'm done with him.

And when I get my 100% energy back, I'm going to go after him for every fucking cent he stole from me. He likes strong women? I'm going to show him strong. Asshole!

I'll say it again.  I'm. Done. With. Him.

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