Saturday, 10 January 2015

See that Girl

Oh my goodness! We had such a brilliant dancing time last night at our conference! I'm usually a complete fader when it comes to such things - I know I'm going to pay for last night's dancing in an unhappy body today, but I don't care. It was lovely!

My new company has a tradition of announcing the new Global Partner promotions at this conference. It was inspiring to watch some very clever and high performing people be acknowledged and promoted with such warm and inspiring high praise from their leaders. The people here seem to really love working here, and have a huge amount of fondness and affection for one another. I like it, on first impressions.

And then at about 12.30 am, the band started. The music just begged my body to start moving, as did my feet which had been aching with standing still listening to all the speeches for over an hour. Wow. Brilliant song after brilliant song. Dancing happy people everywhere around me. I danced and danced and danced.

And I chatted and danced with some lovely sexy boys. One from Brazil who was very inspired by my presentation yesterday about the work I'm doing in South Africa, and thinking about how we can help him set up something similar in Brazil!! But besides by getting really excited about being able to export my  work like that, I was also melting at how fkn HOT he is! No, Pink Book, I didn't make any moves on him! He's hot. And Married. And one of my new colleagues, So off limits. But lovely to enjoy the chemistry and connection at the same time!

And my body just so enjoyed the freedom of the dancing. I haven't done that in years. Just out there, dancing. No longer as self conscious as I would have been as a younger woman. Dancing with happy abandon. Feeling the music. Feeling the endorphins cursing through me. Laughing with myself. Laughing with the people I was dancing with. Enjoying watching the youngsters around me dance and play.

It's morning  now. I'm typing in bed with a cup of coffee to slowly emerge and try to give my body some peace. Last night was good for me.

I remember as a child growing up in the 70's, my favourite pop song was the ABBA hit 'Dancing Queen'. I imagined that, when I was 17 like the girl in the song, then I would be out there at clubs, living it up, the dancing queen of the song. All grown up and sophisticated. Instead, at 47, I really did feel like that. Not for anyone else, but for me, just for a while, I was my own dancing queen.

And it rocked!!

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