Thursday, 19 February 2015

A Glimpse into the Crystal Ball

One of my business colleagues invited me to a meeting yesterday. Just out of the blue. He wanted me to meet a new friend of his who does Psychic coaching. We'd chatted about her on our trip - he was trying to decide whether to engage her as his coach. I thought it was a brilliant idea - he needs someone who can see through his 'layers' and help him clear some of his stuff that I sense swims just below the surface. So I got in the car and drove across town to meet her. As usual he was useless with giving me venue and agreed meeting points until the very last minute so I arrived flustered and irritated with him.

But I was so very delighted to be able to meet The Psychic. Because she brought me a whole pile of confirmations about our current work that I think we both needed to hear. She instantly recognised the connection between us, calling it 'familial' - maybe some past life connection? I don't really know what it could be, but I do know it to be there. I feel like my colleague and I will be companions on this life journey for a very long time to come.

Of course she felt the trauma of my Narc Recovery process, and the shock waves still flowing out of me since Ground Zero. And she saw the malevolence of John-the-narc, warning me to continue to stay the fuck away from him. Yup , she used strong was her connection to the malevolence he bears me. She said to just put him away. Out of my life. Forever. And move on, focusing on the new work I'm dealing. She's right. I will heed her.

And she was so wonderfully affirming of the work I'm busy with now - looking at ways of unlocking water in South Africa at a scale beyond anything done here before. It involves huge changes in resources and funding flows, and that's my colleague's job - he needs to find mechanisms to figure that out. Her interpretation of our partnership was that he will bring the money, and I will get the stuff done - I'm the executor. Which is lovely - because it's just how the two of us have seen our work together - she's just framed it for us in a way that, I think, inspired us both. She says it will be successful and lucrative (even though that's not my primary motive). Like it's time. I deserve it. And its coming to me.


Because I'll fight for this. I believe in it. And the time is right for me to forge forward with courage on it.

She loves the work my therapist is doing with me. So do I. She says I should work until I get to the point where I really understand the source of my issues. Heal them. And then put them down and resist the temptation to wallow in them longer than I need to.

Liked her. Think we may well become friends.

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  1. Love this Lensball Photo Ideas really fits well with your article. I'm going on 7 years "no contact" with my narc female parent and it gets better.