Friday, 6 February 2015


Thank goodness life seems to work in seasons, longer and shorter. Going through the very deep and painful stuff that I've faced in the last week has been so important for me, but also now coming up for air for a bit where I can focus on lighter things has been necessary too. So the past few days have been about getting stuck into more inspiring work and working with like minded people who inspire me too.

And stepping back from Berlin after our horrible 'fight'(?) has been important too. Putting energy into other people, not getting myself lost in Berlin thoughts has been a relief. And somehow suddenly easy. Like my decision to keep him away from my inner child has also resulted in extra barriers that I've put up to make sure I stay intact and he stays at arm's length. He did think we might have wine together. I'll happily go if he sets that up. But I'm not going to keep my weekend clear to be able to accommodate him either - so I'll give him the opportunity to reach out if he wants to. But I'm done holding my breath about that.

So this weekend I'm filling up my days with other people that I enjoy spending time with. An early morning walk with an old friend and mentor I haven't chatted to for years; evening dinner with one of my besties; some sleeping and slothing time during the day tomorrow to work off today's chemo, and then maybe Tasha's with my boys on Sunday morning. I'll be on the road for nearly two weeks from Monday, so downtime and family time will be important things to do.

Also, a brief connect in with Bush Man - seems like we'll find a night to be together within the next two weeks, so even going to have a getting laid opportunity, which I'm looking forward to like mad, naturally!

So besides working damn hard over the next two weeks, I'm also going to be able to spend time with people who are precious to me - my two Cape Town besties; Mark. I'm looking forward to that. Working. And being with my precious people.

Good for me.

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