Thursday, 1 January 2015

Resolutions for 2015

This is a big day for me. It's the very last day that I own my own company - a company that I have built and grown for almost 19 years!

So while everyone else is looking at today being the last day of what has been a tough year for many, I'm looking at the end of an era.

And I'm writing here from the airport lounge waiting to catch a flight that will take me to Dubai to meet up with one of my precious mates for a few days before I head up to Spain and meet all my new bosses at their world conference.

So, on my very last day, I'm alone, embarking on a new journey and into a new life. I'll be celebrating the new year in the air with all my other fellow travelers and flight staff.

So I do think that 2014 is going to go down in the history of Trudy Green as the Watershed Year. I have made such momentous changes for myself and faced down the biggest dragons of my life.

  1. My company went into the biggest freefall in 19 years and looked like it was going to crash. I thought I was going to lose everything I'd worked for and go bankrupt.
  2. I sold my company - the one I grew up in and has been intimately interwoven with the story of my life, and my family's life for almost two decades
  3. My health took the biggest beating ever with my collapse and hospitalisation. I'm finishing this year with two new confirmed chronic autoimmune diseases: Rheumatoid Arthritis and Atypical asthma on top of the Hashimotos I had diagnosed in 2013
  4. I discovered the most cruel deception from my lover, a narcissist, who cheated on me and stole huge amounts of money from me. 
  5. I've been working in therapy for the whole year on healing my soul from the scars of old and new Narcissistic abuse
There are more things that 2014 brought but these were the headlines. The trauma I have lived through this year has felt incredibly severe. And recovery has been slow and is still very much in process. My response is to try for a 2015 that has the following in it:

1. Create a life that works better for me and my Tribe  
2. Write more
3. Laugh more
4. More time with my precious people
5. Be there more. For me.

Be gentle Trudy.

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