Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Beginning of a Conversation

I spent half an hour here in Madrid chatting to my new CEO today. He owns the company that has just bought mine, so, in a sense, he now owns me! And he's my new boss.

I like him. He's thoughtful and understated, and not obviously arrogant. He dealt with me respectfully with focus and engagement. I wanted him to get a strong and confident sense of me that reassured him he has made a good decision, and to open a collaborative relationship between us that will work for many years to come. These initial conversations can make or break things long term I think.

We were strong and candid with each other, neither of us pretending we had this all figured out, and agreed to walk cautiously for a year together so we can learn a lot from each other. He is an expert in globalising a business. I am an expert in delivering our services at scale in emerging markets at very low cost. Together we could plant seeds that would make a strong impact on learning across the world. So long as we are not tempted to run fast and do damage to things in the process.

Besides continuing to run my business, I will take on the role of Head of Leadership practice for Africa and Middle East, and be a Senior Director of the organisation. So the expectation for me to learn and lead well are big. And although a lot is new to me in this business, I also feel that there are people who will become my allies over time and will support me to achieve stuff over the years.

Its very creative, considering all the new possibilities that exist because of all the changes that have happened to me over the past few months. And, if I'm honest, a bit intimidating. The possibilities are endless. Am I up to it? Will my body hold out? Is my brain going to run this fast?

Let's see.

But for now...time to try to walk gently with myself - I have about 20 hours of travelling ahead of me now as I head towards home. And I need to sleep and sleep and sleep.

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