Friday, 30 January 2015

When Work is Thrilling

What an awesome day I had yesterday! I spent the morning in a meeting that I had BLED to set up - got some of my Environmental Government clients to sit around the table with Mark, my Fund Manager man who sources huge money for huge projects. I can't obviously talk about the details of the potential deals that could happen, other than to say I'm so excited about what benefits they will bring to my country.

The conversation was clever and strategic - clever people around the table bringing very diverse skills and insights to the table and co creating solutions that none of them would have come up with on their own!  And I was able to test some of my own new models and thinking about how to bring new revenue into the sector that will benefit the sector, but also create work for my company for many years to come.

There is nothing more thrilling for me than being able to be part of these kinds of conversations. I've said it before, and I'm still saying it. It's like every passion of mine rolled into one: all my environmental passion that led me to choose Geography as my teaching subject; strategic thinking; innovating and sniffing out future trends; clever financial models; sales conversations and people activation; finding new opportunities for my company; looking at how to bolster the sustainability of the small business sector; looking at Green Jobs and Green Entrepreneurs. Even picking the right people to put together in that room for that conversation is part of what I'm good at. I am in love with new beginnings. I love building the future in my head. Whenever this happens to me, I know I will sit back in 5 to 10 years time and look back on these early conversations and brainwaves and know they fostered brand new things.  Today over 200 000 people have been trained in Financial Literacy skills by my company, and 70  small business have been created. That's because I started having conversations like these!

And how horrible that I allowed John-the-Narc to close me down from this part of myself for so many years. He dominated my time. Fought with me for hours about ridiculously stupid things like whether I said 'I' or 'We' in a conversation when talking about the work we're doing to clients or staff. Really. We could have a all-fall-down blow up screaming match about just that thing. Where after hours of yelling, one of us would be out the driveway with screaming tyres and a staff just tiptoeing around because 'Mom and Dad are fighting again'. THAT was how he dominated me. Stole my time. Stole my energy. Stole my brain. By creating bullshit drama and chaos and mess that I was having to deal, clean up and manage daily, rather than focusing on the strategic innovation and growth that I'm so capable of doing.

And so being able to step back into my own light is a wonderful experience for me. It's like standing naked under a waterfall after walking through a desert for 5 years. I am slowly but surely finding a way back to myself that is stronger and fresher than I have ever experienced before.

And I feel my power slowly returning to my body. My Mind. My Soul.

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