Monday, 3 November 2014

Living with Purpose

I'm sitting in a little coffee shop in the middle of Stellenbosch, South Africa. I'm reflecting on such a lovely meeting I've just finished talking about some amazing community projects that I want to find a way to get involved with and find corporate funding for. It's to find ways to get community, corporate, government and civil society to work together and build really world class sustainable solutions to water and food security. It's a complex problem that is being wrestled with all over the world, and of course South Africa is struggling with issues of poverty, unemployment, low skills, and marginal water supply, food supply AND water quality issues.

I am amazed that my path over the past 25 years has brought me to this table, having these kind of conversations. It merges all the skills and passions I have been developing over a lifetime: education; small business creation; environmental sustainability; corporate funding access; Black Economic Empowerment legislation compliance; water protection; community upliftment; women empowerment; large scale execution.... the list goes on!

I have been using the metaphor of the 'watershed' in my own head when thinking about how transformational this year has been for me personally. But professionally, in my work, the direction also seems to be leading me to this place - a convergence of all my passions, and the emerging of so many opportunities to create impact in the convergence. Just sitting here, feeling myself brimming with possibility and clever strategic approaches to theses things feel like that zone. Being in flow. Being exactly where I'm meant to be.

I am so grateful that the buyout of my company came to me as it has. It has created a very real opportunity for me to grow what I've been dreaming of for years, and engage my entrepreneurial soul at a whole new level of scale and impact. And it's freeing me of the shackles of daily business management that was really stifling me. As was the daily conflict with John-the-Narc. As he becomes less and less of a spectre on my horizon, so my own soul can once again expand and grow towards the purpose I think I came into this lifetime to achieve.

This scratching in the coals of the fire of my own burning transformation has been a necessary thing. Casting my eyes down and inward this year and taking stock of the human being I have become feel like a critical part of this watershed transformation.  I will walk forward more tentatively than I have before - not quite as brave or fearless as I have been in the past. But my forward stride will be more invested in every step, ensuring the correct and mindful placement of each step. A more realistic and mature walk. Less idealism. Less self delusion. More self protection.

Because if I am going to use the next decade to achieve my life's purpose, then I must use my resources carefully and mindfully. And not fritter my energy away on wasteful things. Living with purpose is my way of finding my power again.

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