Wednesday, 24 December 2014

It's my Birthday

I'm in a beautiful little beach town in the Eastern Cape with my little family and some close extended family. I was woken this morning to them all singing me awake with the prescribed Happy Birthday song. They'd baked me a lovely gluten free cake and we just had a happy morning opening gifts.

Then my oldest son told me he was taking me out sea kayaking for my birthday, and the two of us set out. It was too lovely for words. We paddled out into the big sea swells far away from the shore, and then came across a school of dolphins frolicking in the waves. We followed them for about half an hour, until the wind came up and we thought we should head back to shore. What a magnificent way to start my new year, out there, doing something so very soul filling with my child, who is now so much a man!

But the most precious thing of all about today has been the gift my sons created for me. They bought a little journal book for me, for them to write to me in. It's purpose is described to me by my son as follows:

We have walked next to you through this time of grueling growth, and felt both your triumphs and your pains. If this time has taught us anything, its that open, honest communication is the most important thing. 
That's the purpose of this book.
It's here to act as a private way for us to interact with you - because we know how you worry about our emotional state of minds (even though boys don't have feelings, only muscles). It's a place where anything goes: happiness, sadness, joy, frustration, love, anger, whatever. It can also be a letter, poem, song, picture, comic, anything.
Each of us will write a piece intended only for you whenever we feel the need or desire, and, in turn, you can reply to any of us, whenever you like.
In the years that come, we want to stay connected with you because we love you and so appreciate having you as our mom. Some things are best expressed by writing them down - and these pages are for those things.
Happy 47th Birthday, Mom
So much Love!
Your Boys

This feels like such a beautiful conversation to begin. And I'm just moved by these boys of mine.

It's a good way to begin this new year for me. In a loving and safe place with those people of my tribe who love me unconditionally.

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